What is a food bonus?

A bonus is an extra value that accompanies and enhances something that is already good, and food is already good–we need it for our health and energy, and we enjoy it. A food bonus is found in the way you look at meal planning and preparation.

What if you could stretch the amount of food you have on hand to give you back a bonus in time, money, and peace of mind? Through careful menu planning, grocery shopping, and food use you will gain a food bonus that will help you save money to use for stocking your kitchen with plenty of shelf-stable foods 

Missouri Food Bonus is your community resource for discovering and sharing ideas to increase the bonus in your food budget. With menu planning guides, thrifty recipes, frugal shopping tips, and resources designed for Missouri households we hope to provide the information and motivation to find the bonus value in the foods you need to feed yourself and your family.

First we eat, then we do everything else.     —M.F.K. Fisher